Iyengar Yoga Exercises For Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

In today’s post we will be doing a couple of Asanas which will help in type-2 diabetes any amount of twistings specially towards the kidneys helps in reducing the diabetes. But also there’s a lot of work to be done with the food. So let’s go ahead and watch the post. So the first national that will be starting for people with diabetes the first one is called che and Marie Justin. So we stand with our feet parallel raise your right leg up on the chair now make sure that your standing leg the little toe. And the outer heel and one line. So It shouldn’t the heel shouldn’t be going in or going out too much the feet have to be parallel take your left hand place it underneath your quadricep underneath your right quadricep right hand on your waist and go for twisting make sure that your chin is on the center of your chest. And your elbows are taken away from you so both the shoulders and one straight line we hold this for about 30 seconds for about half a minute to add a variation to this we can lift a heel up and take our right palm to the right side stretching your fingers. And then slowly bringing it down repeat the same on the other side the next.

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Asana is called nav Asana for which we come into sitting position keep your leg straight separate the skin underneath your buttocks you can take a belt or a rope open, if you can hold your feet you can do it without the belt as well pressing your thighs down lifting your toes up bend both knees slightly. And then raise your leg up work from the lower back move your diaphragm chest forward and hold for about half a minute then slowly bring your legs down sit straight and release the next Asana which we’ll be doing today is called para with the freaking Asana which is really really good in helping Type 2 diabetes and even, if you have lower back pain you can still do this.

Asana so stand in Terezin roll your shoulders back keep both hands on your waist and turn to the left side step your right foot forward and left leg back so your right toes are pointing towards the side wall. And the left foot is turned in to sixty degrees now lengthen your left arm up extend it forward and slowly bring it down towards the brick pressing the brick roll your right shoulder of the back the left foot is pressing into the flow the inner ankles the inner heels the arch of the foot so keep turning your chest further and further inhale further and further exhale further and further. And then raise your hand up make sure that your hips are square you’re pulling along your kneecaps pressing both your feet on the floor you can hold this Asana for about a minute repeat the same on the other side to come back keep your right hand on the waist and slowly come back bring your feet together and stand in terrace. So these were couple of fasteners which a person could practice while having diabetes keep reading more posts on Emden for further information and more Asanas thank you you.

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