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Is yoga meditation on When these equations are mapped out in detail, however, problems begin to emerge. Samprajnata samadhi appears to be a single state with four characteristics: reasoning (vitarka); reflection (vicara); joy (ananda) and egoity (asmita), whereas sabija samadhi is clearly an umbrella term covering four stages in the progression of concentration: with reasoning (savitarka); without reasoning (nirvitarka); with reflection (savicara) and without reflection (nirvicara). In short, the two accounts do not seem to fit together. Each of the principal commentators on the Yoga Sutras solves this problem in a different way. Vyasa takes the four characteristics of samprajnata samadhi to be four different kinds or levels of concentration. The lowest level is that of reasoning (vitarka), which has all four characteristics: reasoning, reflection, joy and egoity. Next comes reflection (vicara) with three characteristics: reflection, joy and egoity. Is yoga meditation 2016.

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