Intro to Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series for Beginners Vashistha Yoga

Beginning semester T equal standing now sir Namaskar a inhale hands up look up exhale bend forward to tonnison inhale head up lengthen your spine exhale staples leg back to chaturanga dandasan he inhale roll up to order Homolka Swan Axl to add Honoka so honest on keeping is your abdominal log and root long gaze towards navel stay three to five rate here he inhale bend your knee stay both leg forward exhale bend forward inhale all the way up looks up exhale arms down two semester day second round inhale one XL to uttan Asana inhale three ardha uttan Asana excel Paul chattering Gunderson inhale urdhva mukha Svan Asana xl6 Adamic Asanas and stay three to five rate here just lose entire joint and muscles just be their knee ban now inhale seven again adult Anacin exhale fold forward to tonnison in him all the way up exhale to semester day one more round inhale hands up look up exhale fold forward inhale head up look up exhale chaturanga dandasan inhale upward dog exhale to downward dog just watch your breath here incoming and outgoing in health 7 to her to tonnison which they both like forward exhale uttan.

Asana inhale hands up look up exit to semester day no sir Namaskar be inhale knee man utkat Asana exhale bend forward inhale air do tonnison exhale chaturanga dand Asana inhale upward dog exhale Adama Kishan inhale step right leg forward we’re with lesson one exhale again chaturanga dandasan inhale urdhva mukha swan exhale Otto Mukesh chuan inhale step left leg forward we’re Patras on one axle chaturanga dand Asana inhale urdhva mukha Svan Asana exhale to add Homolka Swan stay here relax your breath keeping is your all lock inhale step boats look forward to her adieu tonnison again exhale bend forward inhale and even to utkat Asana chair pose exhale samasthiti again inhale utkat Asana one exhale two inhale three head up exhale for chaturanga dandasan inhale five for the Mucca swan xl6 Adamic a swan he inhale step right leg forward to Mir buttress and one warrior one pose exhale chaturanga dandasan g inhale upward dog exhale Adamo Kisan inhale 11 left leg meet with Russian one exhale chaturanga dand.

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Asana 12 in health hurting all the MOCA chuan exhale 14 to atomic Asanas and be relaxed here try to relax your head more even breathing just lose your all joint inhale 15 adult Anacin back sale 16 G inhale 17 with Kurtis on exhale to semester D now be ready for path washed her son inhale feet hip width apart hands on waist inhale back bend exhale bend forward and catch big toes inhale spine lengthen exhale bend forward to padamu Stassen stay vibrate here and fix your gaze on tips of nose nasha graders day inhale head up lengthen your spine now exhale hand under the feet again inhale spine open while accent bend forward to path hostas on hands under feet pose keep your knee cap and tying his abdominal inside just even breathing after time breath inhale head up hands on waist come all the way up semester D no Draconis on inhale bring your feet four to five feet apart right for ninety degree angle inhale extended arms out exhale move forward and place your right pump on right leg or grab big toes now raise your left hand and fix your gaze makes your you’re both solar should be in one line and chest lifted stay fine breath in the connection now inhale come backs and repeat to other side this time left foot 90-degree angle the tricks your gaze at right hence this time keep your chest lifted now inhale come back semester day now side angle pose partial kon Asana again bring your feet four to five feet apart turn right for tried sign e inhale bend your knee at 90 degree Axl place right hand on authorised of right foot or on block six gauge adres hand makes your your ankle and knees between one line and chest lift it stay three to fibrate then comes back and replicate left side bending into left knee place left hand on auto raise of left foot gauge towards raised hand soft. And your breath feel the sensation comes back to semester D now prasarita padottan Asana Riccar a variation a bring feet four to five feet apart hands to waist inhale bend your back while exhale fold forward hands on floor again inhale lift your head extended spine while exhale bend forward to Prasad padottan Asana stay five to ten breath here and keep your kneecap and thigh lifted. So that you can feel opening on a spine more never try to force yourself inhale hands to waste lift up with straight spines comes back to semester day bring fit three to four feet apart turn right side with right foot ninety degree angle and left slightly inside inhale hands up while accent fall forward to pass with an asthma keep your kneecap tying is your ankle knee and pants are in one line stay five rate here in hell comes back. And just repeat it other side again inhale hands up and keep your spine straight and bend forward to pass what Anna’s on make your finger fold it.

So that you can feel more straight on partial tan Asana after three fine bread comes back to summer study no again Surya Namaskar a sin salute SNA he inhale hands up exhale bend forward inhale a head up the spine lengthen exhale chaturanga dand Asana very slowly drop inhale up exhale Adama Asana inhale knee bend and sit on the mat with leg straight now put hand to the ground now inhale hands up exhale bend forward and catch your big toes inhale again head up keep your spine lengthen exhale complete forward bend possum uttanasan just soft your breath now inhale comes up now pour what an asthma from dand Asana bring hands behind back inhale left hip stretch leg and toes to the ground hold fine breath here keep your pelvis lifted and toes pointed after fibrate come backs and take vinius here Excel to jet rank inhale urdhva mukha chuan while accent to a democracy honest on now Jenny ban and sit and be ready for China sirs Asana a from the National put right foot at ins inside of leptin inhale raise both hands while exhale fall forward to Janice assassin a swiftly in Janice assassin do you need surrender nature just loosen your all muscles and effort and and keep stretch your shoulder and arms after staying high breath inhale hands up come back now change to other side again hands up lengthen your spine here keep your spine open while exhale to Janis assassin a feel the stretching on your hands and solder also keeping is your abdominal lock especially abdominal law helps you to deepen in your Janice assassin now take vinius here again dban.

And sit and be ready for marriage a Asana a when your right leg put right arms around your right knee claps hands behind back inhale is fine open exhale bend forward especially here engage your abdominal lock and chin to sing just keeping is your ankle inside you may practice it other way inhale up exhale twist to left side and against a three to five right here comes back and repeat it other side for advanced students you may take vinius here again now their site. And your left feet should be hips distance line then you can move forward easily now the merger has not reached take vania’s inhale to understand exhale chaturanga and inhale Garuda mocha Swan XL to atomic ashram now the knee ban and sit now preparation for addict onus on bound angle pose turn soles of feet apart from each other post heels together inhale spine straight chest lifted and keep you root locking is exhale fold forward to. But the conus on navel to heels and chin to floor and with the help of your elbow try to do deeper stretch on outer thigh inhale comes back and be ready for porn a novice on full boat pose variation with knee banded inhale lift your legs make knee bandit, if you feel comfort make it straight and parallel to floor and keep your spine straight chest lifted Steph I breath exhale place pumps on floor and lift body up again poor Nana worsen all time makes your your chest should be lifted and spine straight again exhale fans on floor and lip body up repeat one more time feel that since this a non navel area Manipur chakra now exhale to vinius take Nia’s here inhale to aroma mukesh one exhale atomic a swan down dog pose No Neeb and lay down on back now needs bend and bring feet in towards buttock inhale lift your pelvis and place palms onto floor by years inhale press up lifting pelvis and strengthen arms and legs ooh the done Russian your pubic bones engage.

And chest lifted and hair draw slowly come down you may practice it two to three times now need to chest position and roll to vinius here again the lesson exhale chaturanga dandasan inhale urdhva mukha Swan and exhale to Potomac Hashanah Sun nan even and sit for corner position possum Oh Tennyson again once more time inhale hands up relax l bend forward complete stretch your hands here inhale again head up lengthen your spine while Axelle been full leap forward and stay 5 to 15 breath here keep your abdominal engage now come back. And now lie down for finishing us on serving us and first being from a light wrong position inhale lift legs apart place hands on back as close to solder as possible elbows to each other chin to chest, if comfort inhale and raise legs directly overhead relax your face stay here and do 1 to 15 huije breathe and fix your gaze on toes now exhale and brings leg over head towards floor and he’s slowly down and lie down position just relax here few second and our profession for Matt Saracen this pose bring your palms under your hips pants close to body inhale lift changed and brings top of head to floor just lift it and toes pointed stay five to ten breath in mud Sasson this Falls and. Because this time your lungs is completely open so makes your your breath should be even and long now inhale lift your head. And come back to Sebastian just relax here no need to chase pose and roll and take again vinius here from a democracy nanny ban and sit for yoga mudra son inhale bring right foot up into half Lotus for his son and left leg over right into full lotus pose now bring your arms back and catch left reached exhale bend forward to yoga mudra still 5 to 15 breath here comes back to Patmos and position and, if possible bring your hands behind back and try to grab feet. But the Potamus and first. And then exhale and bend forward to yoga mudra this is energy storing posture. So just be relaxed here inhale come bank. And just sit in Padm Asana henge Tony’s forefinger and thumbs touching in Indiana mudra excel lips chest and bring chin to aunt chest city straight and English all three bandha root lock abdominal lab and chin lock listen your was a breath here more slow and deep even living and feel relaxed sand after 5 to 15 grade comes back for polluting up routine inhale press spam to floor still in full Lotus lived up a flow and Nisa in case fix that nose on a chakra Christy still a 5 to 15 red here then comes back and lie down for final service on bring your feet 12 to 20 inch apart arms at your side a few inches away from the torso palms up surrender the full weight of your body to gravity here anywhere you feel you are holding just lose it and rest your awareness on your breath simply know an in-breath as an in-breath and out-breath as an out breath just scan the body slowly just watch each and every part of your entire body just scan here, if mind wanders bring it back to the breath. And the body just be relaxed here just relax just relax.

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