Intense Side Stretch Pose Parshvottan Asana 2 Minutes Beginners Ashtanga Yoga

From samasthiti step your right foot forward four feet left foot out at 45 degree inhale hands of lengthen your spine while exhale bend forward keep your abdominal engaged in side right kneecap lip fix your gaze at big toe keep your breath relax and stay five to eight breath in harsh with an asthma or intense side stretch pose, if your palms not reaching floor then use blog for support be effortless here finished ranch slowly come back and try other variations hands in prayer behind back shoulder blade back and draw while ax hail pulled forward into intense side stretch pose stay five to eight breath here keep kneecap and high engage slowly come back and repeat both variation other side this time left foot forward and right foot out at 45 degree inhale hands of while acts then bend forward keep engage your left leg routed to your hips outside slowly come back now other variation hands behind back making Anjali mudra or prayer position slowly exhale lengthen your spine full forward first try to touch your chin then slowly relax your neck and draw your head just be relaxed and feel the stretch slowly come back and relax in semester day.

Intense Side Stretch Pose Parshvottan Asana 2 Minutes Beginners Ashtanga Yoga Photo Gallery

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