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Hey guys it’s Jan arena.

And it’s Friday so today we’re talking about the business of yoga and mostly I like to talk about social media don’t go out this first time you shooting into one of my posts and he was dead right now I’m a yoga teacher in the Hampton. And it’s a windy day today it’s lots of crazy surf behind a key I’ve also done a lot of social media for some larger accounts like new 11 New York City they have the do good festival and I’ve also doubled my own following tripled it actually in just three months. So I just have a few of my top tips for social media and today I’m gonna be focusing mostly on Instagram. Because Instagram is where the party’s at right now all the fun is over on Instagram everybody is on Instagram all of the time it’s kind of wild how much time people spend on Instagram, if they’re not posting photos they’re scrolling through seen it restaurants I see it on the subway see it on the beach that’s all people are doing is instagramming like crazy.

Instagram Tips for Yoga Teachers Studios owners Photo Gallery

Because we’re visual people so as you a good teacher or a studio owner or even just a fitness professional, if you’re tuning in it’s a couple tips about Instagram that’s gonna help you to gain new followers. And then also to keep them. So the number one thing that I think new followers look at when they’re thinking about you know maybe they stumble across your photo by using a hashtag or however they come across your profile they’re looking for a couple different things. So the first tip that I have for you is to take a moment and pull out your phone look at your profile right now and look at all of your pictures as a whole so oftentimes we think that people are only looking at our photos one by one and that’s oftentimes the case you know, if they’re rolling through the feed usually you just are looking at one photo but, if someone is deciding whether or not they want to follow you they’re looking at your whole feed and they’re looking at in that gallery view just not the single scroll so looking at your profile in a gallery view does it look like a gallery does it look like your brand. So, if you were to pull up my Instagram for my yoga business it’s at East End mermaid yoga I suggest you go over there and follow it see what I’m up to what I’m posting and when, if you look at it you see from the gallery view that all of the photos look very similar they have similar qualities to them similar tones and they all have a similar theme that fits my brand it’s very oceany it’s Hansen Z summary and people know what they’re gonna get when they follow my Instagram accounts gonna be beaches it’s gonna be the Hamptons it’s gonna be summer it’s gonna be inspiring it’s gonna be yoga.

So It has a theme. And it looks like they all could be a spread in a magazine so they have a similar theme they go together well and they look beautiful together similar color tones all of that so look at your Instagram feed and see, if it has that gallery type feel that all the photos kind of go together one way or another and that’s going to really push someone over the edge do you think about any of the time that you’ve opened up a new profile someone else’s profile and they just have this beautiful look like they all go together like wow these sodas are beautiful you’re more likely to just click follow like yes I want to see more of this popping up in my feed randomly throughout the day. So that’s like tip number one for the day um another tip and one of the biggest things that I see on Instagram that kind of makes me go is it’s easy to get caught up in using Instagram as free promotion 24/7 so a lot of times I see studios and yoga teachers the only thing that they use social media for and especially Instagram is just to promote and that is gonna make someone very easily unfollow you unless they’re the type of person that uses Instagram to check up on your schedule what you’re doing. But for the most part people just want to chill out and relax and not think too hard about things on Instagram so here’s my rule with social media and promotions so 80% of the time you want to just be shirring no promotion at all just completely either educating people teaching them yoga pose or inspiring them through you know what you what your surroundings may be at that time or a quote something that inspires you. And then 20% of the time you can promote something. Because chances are they’re gonna get to know you and like you through your other posts. And then every once in a while, if they see you like oh she has a workshop coming up great good for her maybe I’ll go and share your promotions like I hate the idea of selling it makes me feel icky and I feel icky writing salesy type things. But I know that self-promotion is important.

So Instead of promoting share. So I think saying like join me or join us join in on this fun that we’re doing share the experience with them and that will make people quite happy. And you also just see like I’ve I’ve seen this one studio all they post is their class times that drives me crazy because, if I want to know their class schedule I’ll just go look on their website. But for me to pull up Instagram I want to see like what’s happening in their studio right now like I want to see a picture of it I don’t want to see a picture. And then the schedule superimposed over top of it so share with pictures. So that kind of leads into the third one be careful how many words you use as picture so sometimes you know, if your account happens to be just quotes like I know there’s one yoga counts on yoga inspiration and there’s a lot of they’re known for just sharing yoga quotes know for like sharing really aspiring yokels from whoever and that’s what they’re known for. But I think in general, if you’re looking for that gallery look you don’t want every photo or every other photo to be a quote or to be something with words so can you get creative with those words can you incorporate those words into a picture. So It’s not just superimposed over top of a picture or it’s just like words on top of a colored background can you be more creative maybe writing something onto a notebook and setting it up beautifully staging a beautiful picture or do you even need to superimpose the words over top at all can you just simply show a picture maybe of you know yoga posture maybe of your studio maybe of behind-the-scenes thing share something inspiring the caption leave a space.

And then share the words that you want it to say. So, if you want to share you know this workshop or this class share that underneath in the caption not so much on the gallery. Because then when you know you go back to that profile. And you look at the gallery view you’re gonna see a gallery of words which doesn’t have a very beautiful appeal to it. So I always try to have you know typically when you pull up someone’s profile you’re gonna see the first six pictures maybe nine, if you’re lucky depending on how long their profile bio is. So In those six to nine pictures I only want to see one picture that has words, if I’m gonna share just a cool or like something silly I shared this one that was like I’m just here for the shav Asana. And it was just those words and that’s funny. But it was only that for a time those are the only words in those six to nine photos that you could see when you first showed up so those are three of the biggest mistakes that I see often. And the easiest things to fix. And just to be a little bit more intentional about what it is that you’re post I realizing that so any I hope that you can hear me just to be a little bit more intentional a bit a little bit more mindful of what your profile looks like as a whole. And it’s gonna be more easy for people to potentially follow you and next week I’m going to talk to you about how you can draw people into your profile and get them to follow you a little bit more readily and easily.

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