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Information on yoga asanas on Until the second half of v.14 this could be taken for straightforward renunciate yoga practice. The final lines of these verses make it clear, however, that Krsna is both the ultimate focus of meditation and the ultimate destiny for the meditator. Here, nirvana could mean what the Buddhists mean by it, though it seems more likely to me that it is being used to indicate the cessation of all desire and rebirth. Indeed, even if Krsna is explicitly seeking to claim that this practice yields the same achievement (and higher) as Buddhist meditation, his notion of nirvana is radically different from the Buddhist one.

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Thus, both Samkhya and Yoga are presented as leading to liberation through access to a knowledge of god, who is the universal soul in all beings, though these essentially renunciant methods are inferior to karma yoga. We should note, however, that the discipline of action cannot be applied to just any old action. Information on yoga asanas 2016.



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