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Information about yoga on He is a bhakta, yogi and jnani.42 Aspirants would go to him for training in kundalini yoga and find themselves serving the old and the sick alongside their lessons in asana, and so on. For Sivananda, purity of heart came before the awakening of the kundalini.43 At one point, he initiated a laughing competition with Swami Venkatesananda in order to cheer up the ashram residents. He also broke the traditional swami mould for handling money, bowing to other people and wearing an overcoat in winter rather than the conventional woollen blanket all of which attracted criticism from the orthodox.44 Sivananda s practicality and liberal attitude were not entirely due to his personality, however. They are all consistent expressions of the advaita philosophy to which he subscribed. Information about yoga 2016.


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