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Information about yoga asanas on This is because, in their view, the Veda is eternal. It is apauruseya, an eternal revelation in sound that was not composed by any being, neither human nor god. This is an interesting development that has subtly influ- enced forms of yoga that employ mantras (chanted formulae), as the idea seems to be widely held that such mantras tap into some kind of eternal vibration that can yield knowledge of the universe and the place of human beings within it. In the final analysis, the approach of the Mdmamsakas to liberation is essentially that advocated in the Bhagavad Gita: do your duty in a spirit of indifference. SAMKHYA The earliest references to the system of Samkhya indicate that it existed in a number of forms. There is thus considerable controversy in scholarly circles about the early history of Samkhya. Unlike the Vedanta, it does not trace its origin back to the Veda but to the sage Kapila (the tawny-clad one). Information about yoga asanas 2016.

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