Indian Head Massage for Pregnancy

There is no need for an established pregnancy (after twelve weeks) to be a contraindication unless there are serious complications. Care should be taken to ensure the client is comfortable. The therapist should be aware that some pregnant women experience dizziness and high blood pressure. Avoid treatment in the first three months, particularly with a history of miscarriage.

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Why should massage be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy?

During the first twelve weeks, hormone levels are rapidly changing in order to stabilise the pregnancy and the foetus is not fully implanted in the uterus until at least the eighth week. The first eight weeks of pregnancy (embryonic period) is a period of rapid development, when all body systems are being established. More growth and development happens at this time that at any other period in our lifetime. Although Indian Head Massage is highly unlikely to cause miscarriage, miscarriages most commonly occur during the first twelve weeks, and the client may associate the two events. It is best to let the body stabilise until the first twelve weeks are over and the mother knows that there are no problems with the pregnancy. After that, massage can be very beneficial.

My partner is completely bald. Can I still give him a head massage?

Baldness is not a contraindication, and although you will be unable to carry out techniques involving the hair, such as hair tugging, all other techniques can be carried out, including those on the scalp.

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