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In home yoga on Bodhisattvas were understood to be at different stages of development, and some, like non-returners, were believed to dwell in celestial realms. Perhaps the two most famous are Manjusri, personification of wisdom (prajna), and Avalokitesvara, personification of compassion (karuna). Pictures of Manjusri usually show him holding a sword (symbolic of the insight that cuts away the veil of ignorance from the mind) and a book (the Prajnaparamita Sutras). He also rides on a lion, perhaps because the name given to the preaching of the dharma is a lion s roar. Avalokitesvara has many arms and an eye in the hand at the end of each. This allows him to see the sufferings of all beings, to which he responds in many and skilful ways. He can, for example, appear as a Buddha, an old beggar, a saint from another religion, a woman or a god. In home yoga 2016.

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