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Illustrated yoga poses on From there he entered the womb of his mother, Maya, wife of Suddhodana, leader of the Sakya clan. At birth, the bodhisatta is said to have been untouched by blood or birth fluids of any kind (which were regarded as polluting) and washed by two streams of water, one hot, one cold, that fell from the sky. The infant took seven steps and declared that this would be his last birth. Seven days later, his mother died and was reborn in the Tusita heaven. Subsequently, Siddhatta was nursed by his aunt, Mahapajapati Gotamd, who, according to some accounts, became the first Buddhist nun. EARLY LIFE There are three stories from Siddhatta s early life recounted in the Canon: The visit of the sage Asita, who recognized that the infant before him would become a Buddha and that, unfortunately, he would die before that blessed day.10 Whilst his father was ploughing, Siddhatta sat under a tree and began to meditate. Illustrated yoga poses 2016.

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