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I want to start doing yoga on This didactic interpretation is supported by the fact that another almost identical account is found in relation to the Buddha Vipassin and a second in relation to a wealthy young man who converted to Buddhism called Yasa.14 SIDDHATTA S RENUNCIATION OF WORLDLY LIFE In what is probably the oldest account of this episode, we are told how Siddhatta reflected on the transiency of life and decided to seek that which is not transient, that which is not subject to birth, decay and death.15 This passage has much in common with those mentioned above in connection with Siddhatta s luxurious life. There is an interesting addition, however. In this passage Siddhatta decides to renounce the world whilst still a black-haired lad in the prime of youth, i.e. prior to marriage. I want to start doing yoga 2016.

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