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I do yoga on 15 In Buddhism, Sakta ideas and practices began to appear within the framework of what was called Mantrayana or Mantranaya. The later tantric Buddhist movements of Vajrayana, Kalacakrayana and Sahajayana developed under these influences, and tantric Buddhist philosophy clearly indicates Sakta influence. The teachings of the two oldest Buddhist tantras, the Guhyasamaja and the Manjusrimulakalpa, are that: The gods and goddesses are the symbols of the Buddhist conceptions of the four elements and five constituents of being. Earth is represented by the goddess Locana, water by Mamaki, fire by Pandaravasini and air by Tara while the five constituents of being are represented by the five Dhyani Buddhas. Creation is due to the sakti or female energy of the Adi-Buddha, and as such the adepts should realise that the female sex is the source of all.16 Some of the later Tara stotras go so far as to present Tara as the mother of all the Buddhas. This is pure Saktism. I do yoga 2016.

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