How To Yoga Stretches To Get Relief From Lower Back Pain Sciatica

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor, if you’re one of those people that experiences sore or achy lower back then you’re really going to enjoy this next Asana we’re going to focus on strengthening and stretching the spine come and join me we’ll start lying on to the tummy and stretch the arms out keep the palms pressed into the ground.

How To Yoga Stretches To Get Relief From Lower Back Pain Sciatica Photo Gallery

And then pushing against the palms gently lift the chest just as much as you can walk the palms in. And then push up a little bit more maybe stay a few breaths here. And then walk the palms in you’ve been higher and higher each time as you do this make sure to keep the shoulders relaxed. So you don’t want them creeping up next to the ear relax the shoulder by pushing into the palms straightening the arms and allowing the shoulders to move away from the ears and, if you can once more hip bones facing towards the ground make sure the hips don’t rise up just the spine. And then slowly lower down you can take a rest here. And then bring the palms back onto the ground pushing into the palms arm straight and inhale reach one arm up exhale reach the palm down and inhale opposite arms exhale down once more walk the palms in only, if you feel comfortable inhale up and exhale down inhale and exhale try once more make sure that you’re not putting too much weight onto the hips back you feel nice and strong nice and sturdy and bold hip bones are still aligned take a break. And we’ll try with both arms reached up. So Inhale lift the arms up and exhale down.

And then you can try lifting the arms up and staying there for maybe three to five breaths. So Inhale to come out of the posture keep the knees spread apart and I love this chest this way of doing Child’s Pose it really relaxes the lower back so point the knees out walk the arms. And then relax the forehead down, if your back is very tight then always remember to do a counter pose relaxing the back after you do your Asana practice so remember when doing this pose relax the shoulders relax the neck don’t allow all that tension to build up there and most of all enjoy I’ll see you next time on the mat.

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