How To Yoga Stretches for Hip Flexibility and Hamstring Pain Relief

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor after a long day at the office what feels really nice is doing a short yoga sequence to open up the hips and bring some hip flexibility. So I’m gonna show you a nice short yoga sequence to open up the hips bring flexibility in the hip flexor and make you feel so much better come up onto the knees bring the right foot forward Pomp’s on to the hips take a deep breath in and as you exhale start to sink the hips down, if this feels really easy. And you want more of a stretch just scoot the toe of the right foot forward.

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So It creates more length between the two legs and more room for the hip to sink down can stay here for three to five breaths each time you exhale lowering the hip down take the left palm by the right foot bend the left foot right pump on to the ankle in a nice grip, if you can gently twist to look back at your left toes release bring both palms in front of the right foot you can scoop the foot over to the side of the mass and allow the need to just open up try to make sure that both hip bones are Faceman forward this feels really nice bring the elbows down you’re not before seeing the knee you’re just allowing it to open naturally playing gravity help you out to come out of the posture palms on to the mat lift back on to the base of the foot take the foot back.

And then switch sides left foot forward palms on to the hips slowly sink the hips down right palm by the left foot give a nice little twist. And then reach back to hold on to the ankle, if you want to take you two step further you can place your right elbow on to the ground. And then hold on to the ankle relax the foot palms or elbows to the ground open up each time you exhale allow yourself to sink deep. And then to end the sequence we come into a beautiful Child’s Pose. But open up the knees to the side so let the two knees point out to the sides walk the palms out and allow the abdomen allow the hips to sink in between the two knees the more you practice the better you’re gonna feel so come join me on the mat for more posts all you have to do is subscribe to this blog right here take care and I’ll see you later you.

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