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Hi there this is Jenna right now generate a yoga thank you so much for joining me on a YouTube blog today I’m so excited to be shared with you one of my favorite practices using mala beads and meditation. So It’s actually very quite simple to use them all abid and I know that they seem a little bit daunting, if you’re unsure of what they are how to use them so first of all to choose a mala it’s really all about your gut feeling, if you’re drawn to a particular shape or color or mala in general that’s probably the one that is intended for you so go with your gut feeling and choose one that speaks to you and my favorite way to use a mullah is after a yoga class my own home practice I like to sit a meditation with my mala and on mala there are 108 beads and. So I use some olive with an intention. So that intention might just be a single word like love or peace or joy or it might be a mantra of sorts one of my favorite mantras is I am a magnet for the goodness of life I am love is a beautiful mantra as well anything really that speaks into being what you want to embody or what you want to live through your intention or invite into your life on that particular day so maybe an intention that you said at the beginning of your yoga practice or maybe it’s something that has popped up in your spirit that you’d like to manifest more in your way.

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So It’s very quite simple to use them all of these I take them starting with my thumb instead of tall breathing deeply slowly by his calm run the beads through your thumb. And your middle finger and so simply go from B to be repeating the mantra or the phrase to myself either love love love well or a mantra of sorts like I am a magnet with the goodness of life. And the magnet for the goodness of life I am a magnet for the confessedly 108 times around the full length of the mullah. And then we come to the Guru be it’s usually a larger feed at the end of your valla and I usually just hold the Guru stone. And just savor in the energy of that mantra the energy of the mullah I’m just sitting quiet silent meditation just soaking in the benefits of my yoga practice previously and of my meditation when I feel ready I flutter open my eyes I put them all around my neck and I get up and go on with my day and carry them all with me for the rest of the day. So, if that feels like something that feels good to you where your multi the rest of the day carrying your intention with you I encourage you to do so and, if you come to a stressful point in your day or where you need a little extra encouragement reminder of your intention it’s right there close to your heart close to your spirit. And you can gently touch it and hold it to your heart.

So that is my favorite way to use mala beads I think it’s a really beautiful practice. But really there are no rules is up to you and how you’d like to utilize them in your practice to enhance your practice in your life so wish you nothing. But every goodness in life I wish you love wish you happiness in peace. And some fun with your mama’s thank you so much for reading namaste, if you enjoyed this post please give it a thumbs up leave me a comment you have any questions about malas or meditation or any other yoga practices please leave me a comment in the comment section below and please subscribe to this blog for more yoga posts yoga posts about meditation um and lots of fun things I look forward to practicing with you in another post thank you once again and namaste.

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