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How to start yoga practice on 4) but, given the fragmentary nature of the text, these verses are possibly better understood as an alternative answer to question 3. Verse 18 outlines a sixfold yoga. This is the most detailed account of yoga practice in the principal Upanisads. Five of the components are also found in Patanjali s eightfold yoga: pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana, dharana and samadhi. Note that here the order of dhyana and dharana is the reverse of Patanjali s suggesting that these terms did not acquire fixed meanings until quite late. Note too that knowledge of brahman either destroys sins (= karmic accretions) or at least prevents them in the future. The practice of yoga results in the experience of selflessness (niratmakatvam), which, in turn, leads to the state of isolation or aloneness (kevalatvam): the preferred term for indicating release by the Jains, Samkhyans and Patanjali, compiler of the Yoga Sutra. How to start yoga practice 2016.

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