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How to start yoga at home on In her chapter on positive psychology she observes that The real conservatism of positive psychology lies in its attachment to the status quo, with all its inequalities and abuses of power. Positive psychologists tests of happiness and well being, for example, rest heavily on measures of personal contentment with things as they are [their] more important contribution to the defence of the status quo has been to assert or find that circumstances play only a minor role in determining a person s happiness.9 The message: if you are unhappy with the status quo there is something wrong with you. The author of the Bhagavad Gita would have felt quite at home amongst the positive psychologists. We, on the other hand, should be wary of ideology-promoting propaganda, even if, and perhaps especially if, it is found in religious texts and justified by reference to untestable supernaturalist notions. 2. Enlightenment Given the epistemological problems that arise in connection with seeking knowledge (= enlightenment) through the cultivation of trance states, the Kantian idea of enlightenment as learning to think for oneself in a society that supports such efforts is a much more tangible goal. How to start yoga at home 2016.

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