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How to start a yoga practice on Where there is no choice there is no morality. Krsna s determinism removes morality from human affairs. So it is not simply the case that the ethics of the Gita are different from those of the sramanic traditions, in that they vary from one social group to another (what is right for a person from one caste is wrong for a person from another) rather than being applicable to all people. The Gita reveals that (or claims that) the very idea of morality is just one more self-centred delusion. We have no more control over whether to do right or wrong than Arjuna has over whether he will fight or not. In terms of our model of soteriology, the fundamental problem facing human beings seems to be that of karma and its effects: suffering and rebirth. We have seen, however, that it is really god s plans for the universe. How to start a yoga practice 2016.

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