How to Start a Mindfulness Meditation Group

Welcoming groups Angelic healer and teacher Jayn-Lee Miller says there’s no doubt that spiritual groups are flourishing. ‘I started my first spiritual group, a healing circle, over 40 years ago. ‘Back then it was quite unusual to find such a thing, but in the last couple of years the idea has really caught on. There are now many different esoteric groups all over the country and around the world catering for all manner of interests which is fantastic.’ London-based tarot reader and spiritual development teacher Vix, aka the ‘New Age Hipster’, set up her own Facebook group – Spiritual Journey Pitstop – two years ago, keen to connect with others and now has more than 3,000 members.

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‘I set up my group because I was finding there wasn’t a lot out there,’ she says. ‘I wanted a safe place to talk about all of the things I am interested in whether that’s tarot, witchy stuff or angels with other people. Our members share ideas on everything from healing to using magic to improve our lives.’ Seeking connection Many commentators, including Brandon Bays, bestselling author of spiritual bible The Journey, say our growing need to come together in spiritual groups is because the digital age has created a sense of disconnection. ‘I believe that in this digital day and age, where everything seems to be happening online through social media and email, people in general are longing for true human connection where they can meet heart to heart and person to person,’ she says. ‘Spiritual groups create a context for spiritual seekers to find support and a true meeting of souls. Together, they can focus on a common vision or goal and feel a part of something greater.’

Brandon’s sentiments are echoed by witchcraft author and former sociology lecturer Ann-Marie Gallagher. She says that being in an age where we’re constantly bombarded with information has sparked a need for a deeper spiritual connection and brought the spiritually minded together in groups. ‘We live in an information-rich age and unfortunately this means that we are saturated with “facts” but not wisdom,’ says Ann-Marie. ‘This can feel very hollow and people are consequently drawn to spiritual paths aligned with the natural world such as Paganism, where there is an emphasis on community above individualism. Working in a group provides mutual support for people developing spiritually. But more importantly, the energy raised by a good working group is actually more than the sum of the will of those involved. There is such a thing as a “group mind” or “spirit of the whole” which magnifies energy as people work magic together. This is one of the great joys of being part of a spiritual community.’

Meeting of minds While Vix initially sought spiritual connection online, she now also runs a monthly London meet up called Light Workers of London, as an off-shoot of her Facebook group. ‘We found that members of the Facebook group wanted to meet up in real life so I set up a group for that last year,’ she says. ‘We get together, go crystal shopping and have a chat about spiritual stuff. Also, if there’s a spiritual workshop or talk going on, we’ll often team up and go together. A couple of years ago everyone was trying to find their spiritual tribe online, now people have found that there’s a hunger to meet in person – go for a cuppa and chat about all things spiritual. ‘A lot of people in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group come from a Christian background but no longer go to church,’ says Vix. ‘There have been lots of conversations where people are saying, “We wish we had our own space where we could go every Sunday and chat about spiritual stuff.”

They want the church but without the religion!’ Power in numbers If you’ve ever been to a spiritual club, group or gathering, whether to meditate, carry out healing or take part in rituals, you’ll probably have experienced for yourself the energetic power of being with other spiritual souls. Gail Donnan who runs a meditation group at the Mindfulspace Well-being Studios in Ripon, Yorkshire says that magic can unfold when people come together to meditate in a group. ‘I always say to people that meditation is their own experience, but at the end of a group session we share our experiences,’ she says. ‘People often see the same images in meditation or have similar sensations and feelings, which gives validation to their experiences. I do Reiki healing at the end of each meet up and the same thing happens with that. Someone will say, “I saw the most amazing white light during the healing.” Then another will say, “I saw that too! But I didn’t want to mention it.” ‘This shows the power of the group when it comes to spirituality,’ she adds. Jayn-Lee Miller also believes that amazing things can happen when spiritual folk come together to focus their energies. ‘When two or more people meditate or give healing it increases the energy,’ she says. ‘The power of like-minded souls joining forces with the same focus is a very powerful thing.’ Spiritual groups not only empower the individual but the wider community too, believes Brandon Bays. ‘If the group is focused on spiritual growth they may feel not just personally uplifted, but motivated to make a substantive difference to their communities too.’

Top 5 spiritual Facebook groups

Connect to a community for spiritual support and inspiration by joining these thriving Facebook groups…

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING GROUP Going through a spiritual awakening can be unsettling and sometimes lonely, but this group ofers support and advice. It also ofers daily posts about happiness, mindfulness and motivation. 55,000 members

2 THE CRYSTAL HEALER FORUM Crystal expert Philip Permutt’s crystal community encourages people to share crystal knowledge and ask crystal related questions. If you’re struggling to identify a crystal just post a picture of it and receive feedback from other members. 1,400 members

3 REIKI GROUP One for Reiki healers, this group is a place where you can share experiences, opinions and questions. You can ask the group to send Reiki healing your way. 32,00 members

4 EXPLORING TAROT Tarot expert Avril Price’s tarot community invites tarot readers to come together. You can post pictures of card spreads to gain extra insight from other members, chat about new decks and share tarot wisdom with each other. 3,000 members

5 WICCA UK A place where Wiccans, Pagans and people who practise magic can come together and share knowledge and experience. For extra inspiration, there’s also a feed for blog posts on a wide range of topics from community members. 1,000 members

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