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How to practice yoga on Constant laya practice should only be undertaken under the guidance of a guru. However, once the ajna cakra (between the eyebrows) is reached the yogin is able to receive the direct command (ajna) of the guru and thereafter carries on independently. Post 7 MODERN YOGA What is modern yoga, and how does it relate to traditional yoga ? Different writers offer different answers to these questions. DeMichelis uses the term modern yoga to mean certain types of yoga that evolved mainly through the interaction of Western individuals interested in Indian Religions, and a number of more or less Westernized Indians over the last 150 years.1 She locates its origins in the latter half of the nineteenth century. At that time (1849), in the West, Henry David Thoreau, the American Tran-scendentalist, expressed a desire to practise yoga and admitted that he sometimes thought of himself as a yogi.2 The letter that records these sentiments is taken by DeMichelis to be the earliest expression by a Westerner of a wish to practise yoga. How to practice yoga 2016.

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