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How to practice kriya yoga on Bhdsma too, although attempting to be a neutral expositor, presents a rather Vedic view of Samkhya. Yama and Prajapati find a place in his version and liberation is the merging of the jiva-soul with the supreme soul through the help of Narayana. Pancasikha is even more noteworthy in this respect, for he incorporates Vedic terminology into his teaching, regards the Vedas as sources of right knowledge which guide people along the true path, is conversant with Upanisadic teachings such as the five sheaths of the Taittinya Upanisad and holds that emancipation is the attainment of brahma. He is also described as the foremost of all persons conversant with the Vedas and he teaches his disciple, King Janaka, that one does not have to renounce kingdom or householder life in order to win emancipation, for If men leading the domestic mode of life be endued with Yama and Niyama, they become the equal of Sannyasins. 24 That some teachers doubted the authenticity of Pancasikha s Samkhya is clear from the Janaka-Sulabha dialogue in 12.321. There, the latter instructs the former, in what Roy regards as the doctrines of the atheistic Samkhya. How to practice kriya yoga 2016.

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