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How to do yoga on So, ToM is an adaptation that manifests across a spectrum, with the severely autistic lacking it almost entirely and just a few individuals tapping into levels 5 and 6. ToM enables us to understand the metaphorical dimension of language, a wide range of subtle social signals and also, perhaps, some elements of causality. An appreciation of its importance in human life can be gleaned from an extract from Oliver Sacks An Anthropologist on Mars. Here he describes a childhood experience of a high-functioning autistic woman, Professor Temple Grandin: Something was going on between the other kids, something swift, subtle, constantly changing an exchange of meanings, a negotiation, a swiftness of understanding so remarkable that sometimes she wondered if they were all telepathic. She is now aware of the existence of these social signals. She can infer them, she says, but she herself cannot perceive them, cannot participate in this magical communication directly, or conceive the many-levelled kaleidoscopic states of mind behind it. Knowing this intellectually, she does her best to compensate, bringing immense intellectual effort and computational power to bear on matters that others understand with unthinking ease. How to do yoga 2016.

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