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How to do yoga poses on Vivekananda s works were widely disseminated in both India and the West. The ideas contained within them gave renewed confidence to Hindus about the value of their own spiritual heritage and a tantalizing hint to Westerners that the kind of direct spiritual experience so many of them were seeking might be available in practical form in ancient Indian teachings about yoga. Moreover, his ideas may have had a pronounced influence on the founders of India s first two modern yoga centres: Manibhai Haribhai Desai (Sri Yogendra) and J.G. Gune (Swami Kuvalyananda) through their common guru, Paramhamsa Madhavadasji.6 Sri Yogendra founded the Yoga Institute in 1918/19 and, a little later, in 1934, Swami Kuvalyananda established the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Ashram at Lonavla, mid-way between Bombay and Pune.7 The extent of Vivekananda s influence on these teachers is a matter of some dispute. How to do yoga poses 2016.

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