How To Do Yoga Poses Correctly

How To Do Yoga Poses Correctly

Pranayama should become an integral part of any yogic practice and lifestyle. These breathing exercises range from simple exercises to extremely complicated ones, but if you incorporate any type of pranayama exercise into your daily routine you will experience noticeable and beneficial effects on your whole wellbeing.

Always remember the three basic components of pranayama. These are puraka (inhalation), rechaka (exhalation) and kumbhaka (retention of breath). The definitions given for these acts are simplistic ones, but they should at least give you an idea of the workings of the breathing apparatus.

Yogis use pranayama as a tool to access higher spiritual states and for tapping into the subconscious mind. When pranayama exercises are taught you may come across terms such as ‘sets, rounds’ etc. these refer to the number of times

you should perform the purakas, rechakas or kumbhakas. Just as musical compositions have their own notes, so too pranayama exercises have their own compositions.

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You can start practising Anuloma viloma (reverse order), which is especially beneficial for detoxification of the nadis, the subtle channels that run through the body carrying the vital airs. The exercises deep cleanses, helps you breathe better and improves the the health dramatically.

Anuloma viloma is practised using the nostrils for inhaling and exhaling in reverse order. You do one round of inhalation through the left nostril and then hold the breath, and then exhale through the right nostril. Then repeat but this time starting with the right nostril.

This process equates to one round of this exercise. Repeat this exercise alternating between the nostrils several times.

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