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Hi there this is Jenna right now today I’m so excited to share with you one of my absolute favorite poses this is mermaid pose so to get into this pose we’re gonna start in downward facing dog let’s go right there tucking your toes under lift your hips up to the sky feel all 10 fingers spreading nice and wide take a few breaths here send your left leg back behind you grow nice and long through the back of your leg. And then exhale bring your knee to your nose and set yourself up for pigeon pose so stretch your right leg long behind you kind of half point tap flex that left foot. So that your toenails are kind of pressing down into your mat that’ll give you lots of extra support through the left side of your leg, if this is really intense on this left hip you can always take a block and slip that right under there or a blanket, if the block is too high that’s always an option so from here you’re gonna start to gently bend your right leg back behind you trying to keep both of your hips squared off to the front of your mat as much as you can gently reach back and grab that foot. So this already is a variation of mermaid pose and as this, if this is where you’re at this is a great place to stay and work. Because you’re gonna feel a pretty intense stretch through your right so as your right quad muscle.

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So, if you need to just breathe and relax here go for it, if this is feeling pretty good you can start to hug that foot into your body even more maybe your foot starts to slip into little crook of your elbow maybe come into like this nice little mudra, if you feel really good a really steady steady through your left leg you can float your left arm up overhead and match that same mudra and, if you want to you can reach for a bind grabbing on to your fingertips at your hands and gently back bending through the upper back you breathing won’t stay here for three more breaths and one more a nice deep breath gently release that top arm bring it back down to the mat gently release your back leg I don’t want to have any boomerangs ricocheting back there so gently release that back. But every last down onto the mass so another variation, if you’re having a hard time reaching for that back foot you can always take your strap make a little loop with it and hook that around your foot so you’ve got a nice good stretch that way you can pull on it that way, if you want to really work on your backbend you can square off your hips. And your shoulders to the front of your mat feel your little belly strong. And then reach both hands back for your strap so maybe you start to continually pull on that foot and gently back bend through your upper. So this is a pretty extreme version of mermaid. So just breathe with it wherever you are. And then very nice one arm at a time be nice that strap and that leg lace up gently. And then walk your hands out to Pigeon pose allow yourself some time to rest and relax from that pose rest your forehead down and take about five deep breaths here speak one more deep breath. And then gently walk your hands back. And come to downward facing top and stretched out that hip a little bit it might feel good to pedal out your legs awesome.

And then we’re gonna switch and do the other side downward facing dog coming to downward facing dog sending your right leg back behind you this time it to make sure we do both sides that were nice and even ain’t helping you need to you know it’s shoulders over your wrists. And then relax your right leg down onto your mat stretch your left leg back behind you so again start to half point half flex that foot underneath of you. So that it activates your whole right leg and, if it’s really intense on your hips slip something under there like a blanket or a block or something okay sitting up nice and tall right hand asper on to your mat gently bend your left leg reach your left arm back to grab that foot, if you want to reach for your strap at this point it’s a good time. And then as you breathe just gently start to bring that foot in a little bit closer to your body maybe your foot slips into that little nook in your elbow how many this nice little mudra bring knee right to the present moment. And then your right hand might need it, if you want to work for a little back bend start to gently back then through the upper back and clasp your fingertips keep breathing wherever you are wanting more deep breath gently release that top hands bring it down to the mat the airy gently release that back side. So It releases gently awesome let’s take our strap and work through that a little bit more challenging version of mermaid so take your strap make a little loop bending your back leg hook that loop around your foot. And then start to bend your elbow in close to your body. So you’re like hooking it around this way. So we’re just square off your hips. And your shoulders to the front of your mat I’m gonna gently work your elbow overhead. So you have elbow starts to point towards the ceiling. And you can stay like this we can reach your right hand back to meet it and gently start to back then dropping your head back pull your foot in a little bit closer bring you let’s take one more deep breath gently release your right hand first bring your elbow back down to your body and gently release your left leg walk your arms out rest in Pigeon pose for a few breaths allow your forehead to rest either on a block or on your forearms. And just breathe nice full breaths into your ribcage exhaling them out completely one more nice deep breath and I’ll walk your hands back you can make your way back to downward facing dog release that hip a little bit you put a lot of pressure on it so give it some time to release some of that tension I’m interested only drop your knees down to the ground awesome work today mermaid pulls is a very challenging pose. So just stick with it keep working on it it can take a lot of weeks of practice so take your body where it’s at right now. And just work through this stage with your breath. And you’re gonna be a beautiful mermaid before you know it awesome please subscribe to my blog, if you enjoyed this post there’s new posts coming out every single Monday and I cannot wait to practice with you again namaste.

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