How to do Marichy Asana B Ashtanga Vinyasa

Welcome to the road yoga today we shall look at the marici Asana B it’s opposed from the Astana primary series that’s technically a forward fold but. Because one leg is in half Lotus it requires quite a bit of hip openness. So we’ll look at how to do it.

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But just remember, if at any point your knee is hurting please back off. Because it can create a lot of pressure on Denis so here we go you can see me already putting one leg in half Lotus and bending the other knee. So that I can start working on the bind, if the bind doesn’t happen you can always use the straps behind the back that’s fine I’m lifting in my belly to create a little more space in the lower back reaching the chest. And head forward and reaching the arms back behind me technically you’d stay here for five breaths. But we’re just learning. So I’ll show you the variation, if you can to do the half Lotus you just put the foot underneath right. So you fold it. But not over the leg. And then you fold down same thing you still get the forward fold it just won’t be too much on your hip, if the bind is just not happening. And you feel a bit of cushion to lower back notice what I’m doing I’m just really reaching forward placing the hands down and that’s fine too okay.

So It’s okay to use variations until you can finally do this oppose side view binding half Lotus reaching lengthening and coming down some people prefer to put the chin down it creates a little more length in the spine sometimes I just lower the forehead down. Because it’s just easier and more chill out again just take care of your knee do other hip openers in the meantime to help you get to do this pose hope you enjoyed leave comments make sure you hit like share this with other people and I will see you soon and I must be.

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