How to Do Kapalbhati Breath of Fire

Welcome to the road yoga let’s look today at kapalabhati that skull shining breath it’s a pranayama to breath patches that really helps us on tone the whole core area weights asad heats us up I know days we know heaters or ACS so you’ll just learn to do what they could with their own bodies in Kalavati what we’re doing is we’re taking we’re doing really sharp exhales through the nose while letting the inhales happen on their own. So It’s active exhales and inhales just kind of let them beat at the same time we’re taking the belly and we’re really pulling it in really pulling a chart being um this can be very easy for something kind of challenging for others. So just like any other stretching or any other practice just go slow and build it over time, if you’re pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, if you had any other serious illness recently check with your doctor. Because this can create some tension right, if you do feel suddenly starting to get nervous or something don’t do it right this is just in case for most of us there’s no problem. And when we finish this we actually do some breathing. And it’s a shortcut to meditation really feels amazing so let me show you a short version quickly. And then I’ll explain again some more inhaling. And then here we go hey again and exhale so some people just do this take the kapalabhati release take a few breaths into it again I actually like to take a slow deep inhale when I’m done. And then to take a comebacker to take a retention to lock my chin with Jolanda bandha.

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And then I hold it there for as long as feels comfortable again once I start to feel like not good I release it usually about 10 to 20 counts second when I finish that instead of going right away for my second round which is what normally happens many times I find myself just sitting there for a while silently. Because there’s just the sense of emptiness and bliss. So, if every pranayama that’s what comes to you rejoice in that. And just kind of enjoy it stay with it for a while, if it feels like okay I was just good practice go back do it again do it again these things happen over time like I said at first I’ve seen people push the belly the wrong way or not manage to move the belly at all so at the beginning practice I would actually place my fingers on the belly and I would go really slow. So It would be like this here’s the exhale inhale happens on its own exhale release exhale release exhale it’s a little faster. So that’s the practice. And you can use your fingers for a while until you really got it. And you feel like your belly is obeying what you wanted to do let’s do another one I’ll try to do I’m 30 this time again, if it’s too much stop, if you can’t stay with me yeah Jalandhar abanda chinlock pretty success couple of breaths natural. So that’s technically the whole practice which it can obviously expand you can do instead of 30 we go to 50 to 60 maybe to 100 eventually and doing a hundred on two or three times the kombucha duration can lengthen the retention of the bread can lengthen. And the amount of time you do between them and being from two rounds of just simple breathing to a lot longer, if it feels really wonderful let us keep you have questions. But you can’t ask him here. So you know you can always ask them at the comments below and I’ll do my best always answer one last round this time we’ll do a little longer.

And then we’ll say goodbye. So I’m going to try and do 50 again just for you to try it out but, if 30 was great to stop at 30 right or 2010 it was up one last round. So you may have noticed I’ve actually counted them with my fingers and that’s great by use any system you may not need to use it but, if you find that you lose your count better to use it. So you’re really staying focused fine Amma practices apart from helping us develop our lungs bring heat bring energy cultivate prana this light force they also simply help us stay concentrated right just the simple act of focusing on what we’re doing and really being present is fantastic. So, if you need some tools in the beginning work forever with counting with your hands that’s perfectly fine okay so again practice enjoy um this practice can be done daily, if it’s super super hot outside maybe don’t do it it’s better for it’s like the cooler times. But you can do this any time preferably not at night there like this there’s a morning practice I even liked it better before my yoga Asana practice that you like it’s gets me ready to go so thanks again and see you soon namaste.

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