How to Do Camel Pose Step-by-Step Process

Welcome to another session of the road yoga today I’d like to talk about our backs especially in back bends are back extenders when we do back bends there’s a tendency to go pretty easily and pretty quickly into the lower back it makes a lot of sense. Because our lower back is the part that doesn’t have ribs attached to it and. So It’s easier for the vertebrates to open up in the upper part we have the ribs attached.

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So It’s a lot harder to go and really create an opening as we bend it. But in the long run it is a lot healthier, if beyond the lower back we actually work on lifting and creating an opening in the upper back let’s look at it at the one post today at distrusts enough camel pose. So In camel pose, if I were to go right away from my lower back it would look like this an immediate Bend going pretty much into my l45, if on the other hand I would start creating a lengthening in the spine there is a feeling as, if I would connect a cable up to my sternum try to feel like it’s constantly pulling and lifting up my chest from this lift up here I would start to move back I would still go into my lower back and Here I am going into my lower back.

But I can use my Grethe my inhale to create another a little bit of lengthening as I go back again. And now there a little bit of lengthening as I go back practice this and maybe you’ll find that you’re going less maybe you’ll find that even as you go down let’s say to your ankles to your heels you’re reaching the hips forward and still working on the lifting this is without the lifting into the lower back this is with the lifted. So we do want to create constantly that sense of lifting even once you come into the pose constantly want to feel that with the inhales the vertebraes are finding space between them you can think of it as instead of finding an angular vent in l45 L stands for lumber the lumber spine you can think of it as an extension of the spine creating space between the vertebrae and from that space almost like a bigger arch like a rainbow going into your backbend. So that creates a lot healthier and sustainable back fix finding the balance between going into the lower back and lifting and lengthening thank you very much for listening you.

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