How to Do Bow Pose Dhanur Asana

Welcome to their own yoga let’s look at don your Asana bow pose bow pose is a back bend it’s a back bend that requires some strength in the lifting up as well as flexibility flexibility not only in the back. But actually the whole chest and belly stretch our quads stretch our hip flexor stretch even our shoulders need to stretch back the nice thing about done your Asana the bow pose is that.

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Because gravity is not working with us that we have to work harder it’s more of a safe pose we don’t tend to collapse too much into their lower back let’s look and see how it’s done laying down on the belly I’m gonna bend my knees either reach and take hold of the feet or, if available walk the hands down and take hold of the ankles not everybody can but, if it works please do.

So I’m gonna bring my feet closer in I’m gonna start to lift the chest then the legs the chest then the legs chest. And the legs the tendency in this pose is to lift up with feet wide apart sometimes even knees wide apart this is okay except that it can go and create pressure on the lower back so do your best even, if you’re not lifting as high as you width we would like the legs wide to bring the feet a little closer in and lift up even, if it’s less.

But in a more healthy way when you release from the pose you can take your vinyasa you can move hips from side to side or stretch in Child’s Pose to create length in the spine thank you.

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