How To Do Bhek Asana Frog Pose Ashtanga

Welcome to their own yoga they kahshanna the frog pose so wonderful pose it should relatively at the beginning of the second series of Ashtanga I love this pose. Because technically it’s a back bend when we do the full vikas or not. But when we do the half Frog the art of the K Asana it’s a wonderful wonderful quad stretch front of the thigh stretch also first the half pose. And then the full pose which they have posed as a full pose on its own right I’m gonna place my left arm in this patient obviously go to the other side parallel for the front of the mat bending my right knee so opposite them the front energy reaching back, if you need to you can use a strap, if you can reach the first bring the foot forward as I’m bringing the foot forward just make sure that you never go sideways unless you like any pain keep it puts the leg moving forward beside the body, if you’re have enough room. And your foot came quite forward you can eventually rotate the shoulder forward elbow up to the sky.

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And I’m going to rotate my fingers so they’re gonna be in the same direction as the toes right reality it’s just like doing good try to run go with my right hand. And now here I’m gonna lift open in my chest and at the same time press and lower my foot down, if there’s any meat pain whatsoever back off do not bite me pain should feel it all in your quads in the front upper thigh in the front thigh front upper leg stay here for a few breaths.

And then you can go ahead to the other side take their cue breaths for those of you that can do this and reach quite close down towards the Earth the full pose is both there’s a much deeper back then and normally people get assists in this codes. But just working towards it again I’m going to take both legs rotates the fingers facing forward. And then as I’m gonna press the feet down my legs are gonna resist them press up to protect the knees we’re gonna press down. And this is gonna help me to leverage to lift up my chest inhale I’m gonna lift higher exhale drop the beat down inhale lift higher exhale down and other two breaths shoulders back face relaxed released gently the leg you’re welcome to always move the hips from side to side to release the back traditionally a vinyasa how fun is the under suppose.

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