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Go through your kitchen and throw away all of these: Cut processed carb foods. This means starting RIGHT NOW, cut out ALL processed foods. Toss out all of the bread, pasta, cereals, bagels, pizza, soda, coffee creamers, fat-free products (sugar bombs), donuts, yogurts, sodas, cake, and any other food that was made by man. Grab a trash bag and go through your cabinets and fridge, chuck all foods made with sugar, flour, or are refined in any way.

I’m serious! Throw this shit away! GTFU right now and go trash this shit! Cut sweeteners. Along with this, you need to eliminate foods that have sweeteners, sucralose (Splenda), and stevia – artificial and natural included. This means pre-workouts, protein shakes, protein bars, yogurts, BCAAs, etc. I’ll give you better ideas to use for pre-workouts later on. You must eliminate anything that is man made because all of these things have added sugars or sweeteners that will keep the sugar addiction alive. Cut seasonings. Not all of them, but most seasonings have sugar.

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If You really LOVE it, it’s almost guaranteed to have sugar in it. Check the ingredient list on your seasonings. Look for dextrose, sugar, maltodextrin, and flour. For sauces, check to see if they contain sugar, evaporated cane syrup, agave, or fructose. Cut out processed meats. Bacon, sausages, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon, and deli meats almost always have added sugar. It’s really rare to find these without it. Keep an eye out for dextrose, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, and evaporated cane syrup. Unless they specifically say “Paleo Approved,” even then, check ingredients because some shady companies use some form of a sweetener. If they are 100% sugar-free, they are approved. Always read ingredient lists! ALWAYS! The front labels are often LYING and deceptive. When checking a product, always look for the actual ingredients LIST. For meats, you should see meat and salt. If You see any of the sugars listed above, don’t touch it.

Look for foods that have “Paleo” on the label. These are sugar-free. You can fınd some meats at the well-known grocery chains that are sugar-free; just check the ingredients. Your mind is going to be blown by how many HAVE sugar in them. It will piss you off when you gain awareness of the crap food companies put in their products. The reason we avoid them in these meats is because they will trigger sugar cravings and keep your sugar addiction alive. Cut most of your supplements. Any supplement that has flavor has a sweetener, and usually contains sucralose, stevia, or a form of sugar. Like I said above, this also means pre-workouts (powders), BCAAs, protein shakes, and protein bars.

All of these have sweeteners or sugar in them. These keep your sugar addiction going strong and ignite your cravings. If it’s flavored, CUT IT. For pre-workout, I personally take fat burner capsules (such as TNT or Hellfire 150). You can also just drink black coffee or plain green tea. If it was made by man, it’s more than likely got crap in it. So for this to work, you have to eliminate it. Check the ingredients on everything. Remember, NO flavored supplements EVER.

They ignite the sugar addiction or keep it alive and thriving. So if you’re going to use any glutamine, BCAAs, or protein powder like collagen, get the UNFLAVORED version or in capsule form. Starting Your Detox This means for the initial 10 days, starting right now, you are going to quit sugar in all its forms. To kick your carb/sugar addiction, we are going to cut the good ones too in order to truly reset your body and mind. This means no grains, oats, rice, potatoes, fruit, berries, etc. “OMG! That’s going to be so hard!” Shut up, you’ll survive. All you are going to eat for the first 10 days is protein and veggies (specifically, low-carb veggies). It is your choice as long as the veggies are like broccoli, kale, spinach, cauliflower, onions, peppers, green beans, and the like. This is only meat and veggies for 10 days. Make sure to add pink salt to your food and drink water throughout the day. Withdrawals One of the signs it’s working and you’re doing it right is that you will have withdrawals, you will have cravings, and you will be an emotional mess for a few days.

If you aren’t having withdrawals, that’s a sign you’re eating something that’s keeping the addiction alive. You’re quickly about to find out how bad of a drug addict you have been your whole life. It will be really evident on Day 3 but once you’re over the hump, you will feel awesome! Get Past Day 3 You will be a hot mess, but just remember it’s only temporary. For most of you, all you have to do is get past Day 3. This day for most people is the peak of cravings, withdrawals, and is the day you will probably want to cut a bitch! (LOL) Drink lots of water with pink salt (instructions on amounts later) and sleep as much as possible. You may experience headaches, shaking, sweats, achy muscles, along with the cravings and moodiness. This is how powerful this drug is. Until now, you had no idea how bad your problem was. The good news is if you’re doing it right and sticking to the plan, most people will feel better by Days 4 and 5.

It only gets better as the days progress. Day 7: “OMG, I feel so good!” If you did it right, cutting out ALL man made foods and kicked your sugar addiction, by Day 7 you will feel AWESOME! The most common response I hear from my ladies is usually, “OMG, I feel so good! Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” Most women don’t realize just how shitty they have been feeling until they experience what it’s like to feel GOOD. Most people walk around fatigued, tired, weak, battling brain fog, and feeling terrible all day. Since feeling terrible is all they know, it’s normal to them. However, when your body is healthy, when your hormones are in check, and when you give your body the nutrition and nutrients it truly wants, you feel AMAZING. Your energy levels SOAR and you feel awesome. You slay your workouts, you are happier, you feel great, and above all, you burn fat and get defined! So kick the habit, pull up your panties, and hold on tight to get past the peak ofDay 3.

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