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How to breathe yoga on This latter interpretation, probably because it became the dominant one in China and Japan, was adopted by most Western scholars until the 1960s.51 Since then, scholars such as Thomas Kochumuttom (1982), Walpola Rahula (1978) and Yoshifumi Ueda (1967) have argued for an interpretation of Yogacara texts that follows the line taken by Sthiramati rather than that adopted by Dharmapala, and I accept that interpretation. The Yogacara masters teach that the whole of samsaric experience is mentally constructed (vikalpa). It is an imagination of the unreal (abhuta parikalpa); it is a mere representation of consciousness (vijnapti matra) or a representation of mind (citta matra) or mere representation (prajnapti matra). This is not, as many have claimed, a teaching that the stuff of the world is mind-stuff. Rather, it is a teaching that all our experiences of the world are mind-made. In modern parlance, it is a teaching that what we call experience is a simulation created by our brains out of information that comes from both our senses and from our past experiences. How to breathe yoga 2016.

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