How The Pilates Method Is Making Waves Abroad

FROM: Dominique Bandi, co-owner of Corepilates Zürich in Zürich, Switzerland

HOW SHE GOT TO ZÜRICH: I was born and raised in a small suburb of Zürich. After living abroad for several years, I returned to Zürich in 2002. The quality of living in Zürich is great—I wouldn’t want to move elsewhere again. It offers so much to do, with the lake and the mountains so close by.

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PILATES TRAINING BACKGROUND: I have been doing Pilates for several years. I started with contemporary Pilates before I found my passion for classical Pilates. In 2015, I received my certification with The Pilates Standard in Switzerland.

TEACHING STYLE: I keep to my roots in teaching classical Pilates.

HER TYPICAL CLIENT: Our studio is located downtown, right in the financial district of Zürich. My clients range from working women and housewives to athletes and businessmen.

ZÜRICH’S PILATES “CULTURE”: I am not sure how much different it is from Pilates in the U.S. There are still more contemporary-trained teachers and studios compared to the classical ones. The interest in classical Pilates has increased a lot over the past few years.

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