How Much Can You Exercise During Pregnancy

How Much Can You Exercise During Pregnancy

If they are correct, then evolutionary revelation is ended and the plight of humanity is hard indeed.

One wonders what might be an example of a primary revelation. Perhaps the revelation of atomic energy that took place as a result of the Shamballic impact during the Second World War might be part of a long cycle of revelation of the First Ray monad of the planet.

With regard to the secondary revelations, we are reminded through this whole process that the revelation is really the ‘living fiery Presence’ and not any formulation that has resulted from someone’s contact with this Presence. For any teaching to ‘live’ it must lead those who study it into a direct relationship with that which stands behind and inspires the teaching itself. Any formulation of teaching must become obsolete. It like the soul is a middle principle which is designed to bridge and not itself be preserved or ‘mummified’. Perhaps we need to regularly ‘daddify’ our teaching forms taking them back into the Presence of the Father to have him burn away anything that no longer serves the present group of enquirers, until eventually all that is left is the diamond core of the Presence itself.

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In conclusion, the Technique of the Presence is not so much a meditative practice but a way of life a way of life that leads through the sustained sacrificial destruction of the causal body into a direct relationship with the Father. The Agni yogi is literally calling down fire in the service of humanity. The result of this is his own liberation out of the three worlds, through first the Third and then the Fourth Initiation taken as a by-product of the Fire of God entering humanity and consuming him or his causal vehicle in the process.

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