How does yoga relax your body

This is the entrance to Pigeon Pose Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. Straighten your right leg behind you while keeping your left shin perpendicular to your torso. Think of making your right leg as long as possible with the top of your foot flat against the ground. Roll the front of your right hip inwards into the floor while keeping your shoulders squarely pointed toward the front. Squeeze your right buttock. Your torso should be upright and tall, maintaining the proper crown-to-coccyx alignment. Exhale and sink deeply into the posture. The transition to the opposite Pigeon Pose begins with placing your hands down for support as you swing your right leg in front and place it next to your left knee to come to a Triangle Squat. Continue turning to the left as you complete a Standing Shin Roll by lifting your left knee up to the side and turning on your heel as your right knee comes down to the ground. You will find yourself in the opposite side Triangle Squat. Continue to turn by pivoting through the middle of your right shin as your left leg swings back behind you to finish in Pigeon Pose with your left leg straight. Again, breathe out fully to go deeply into the pose. You will then simply repeat the process to return to Pigeon Pose with your right leg back behind you -. Next, bring your right leg up and bring your knees in together to Child’s Pose. This completes the first kinetic chain of Flock of Pigeons. The second kinetic chain of the flow begins in Pigeon Pose with the left leg back. The transition to the opposite Pigeon Pose is now achieved by swinging your left leg around from the side to start a Double Shin Roll.
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