How can I make my body fit?

We are still working on programming your mind, beliefs, and selfimage, so we have to visualize them. Now when you are setting your goals, it will usually get you already naturally visualizing what you are thinking about. But I really want you to focus on SEEING yourself already with the body you want. I want you picturing yourself stepping on the scale and seeing it say 110 pounds. I want you seeing yourself walking around confıdently in tight dresses, bikinis, or naked.

I want you seeing yourself walking around with that round, peach-shaped booty! Imagine how it feels walking around looking like your favorite Instagram or fitness model. Visualize living a life with that body, that booty, that confidence, all with that smile. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? That’s why we do it. It IS that awesome! It’s even BETTER! When you are walking through life with a body that men drool over and women envy, it’s incredible! Every time I personally get bikini ready, it’s really life changing! (Haha! That was a joke.) But really, you have to SEE it in your mind to get it in your life.

How can I make my body fit? Photo Gallery

Here’s a visualization hack: get pictures of your favorite model and put them everywhere. Phone wallpaper, computer screen, print it out and put it on your fridge, and put one on the bathroom mirror. Put these images everywhere! When you see them, visualize yourself HAVING THAT BODY. Personally, I keep pictures of my inspirational physique on my phone and Computer. It’s because these are the two places I spend the most time, and when I open my phone, the first thing I see is that physique reminding me that I’ve got work to do. As your body progresses, your inspiration may progress as well.

Mine is of a much bigger, more jacked guy that’s shredded as fuck. I gotta get those gains myself! So who inspires you? Who do you want your body to look like? I’ll name a few ofmy favorites that you can google or search on Instagram, and you can decide who inspires you: • Michelle Lewin • Anllela Sagra • Anita Herbert • Paige Hathaway • Alice Matoss • Jenna Renee Webb • Jessica Arevalo • Jen Selter • Amanda Latona • @BadassCasFit • @Jordanke • @karinaelle Typically, I have found that most of you who want BOOTY gains want one like Michelle Lewin. When she is on point, she is AMAZING! (Or Anllela, or Anita, or Jen.)

Now, you may have your favorite Instagram model that you like to follow, and I’m going to give you some advice. When it comes to the training, it’s okay to follow some ofthe things they do in the GYM ONLY. But when it comes to the eating, NO. The answer is NO. It’s always NO. You are going to see them representing pre-workouts, BCAAs, energy drinks, protein shakes, and protein bars because they are sponsored by these companies. They get paid to promote and endorse these products. All of these products are shit, and you need to avoid them. I’ll explain why later. You may also see them with cheat meals on occasion.

We DO NOT do cheat meals, EVER. This leads to a downward spiral of issues, from it spiking sugar and carb cravings, leading to binging and getting fat, to causing systemic inflammation that always leads to aches, pains, and injuries in the gym. We are SMARTER than this, so we don’t do cheat meals EVER! I will teach you the smart way to eat so you never have to deal with inflammation injuries, cravings, and binging. Just follow the plan.

People who do cheats are idiots, period! Fucking idiots. You’ll learn why later. Just use their images for inspiration, some of their creative workout moves in your routine if you like, but NOT their diet. Some ofthem are on point all the time, but some not so much. Some are even known to post cheat meal pics but NEVER actually eat them. They just act like they are cheating, but actually stay on point all year. So when it comes to following your favorite model, images are for inspiration and training ideas ONLY. Understood? Nod ifyou understand me. Okay!

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