How Angels Can Help In All Areas Of Your Life

How Angels Can Help In All Areas Of Your Life

How did angels come into your life?

I’ve been able to see angels ever since I was a baby. One of my first memories was sitting in my cot and reaching my arms out to these beings of love. Sometimes they would look human – except for the fact they were surrounded by a rainbow-coloured light and their feet didn’t touch the ground. Other times they had no human form at all, appearing as a glowing light. Sometimes they spoke out loud, other times without words. I would see them constantly from the moment I woke until I went to sleep. As I grew up I assumed everyone saw and spoke to angels and thought it was a normal part of life. When I was about two, I remember playing with a little boy at home. I reached my hand out to him and his hand went through mine and sparkled. It was so joyful I burst into laughter. The angels told me he was my little brother, a soul who’d died before I was born. I used to see him as clear as day. Around this time the angels told me that I mustn’t tell anyone else that I could see them or my brother’s spirit.

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Why didn’t the angels want you to speak about them?

I think it was their way of protecting me. It was the 1950s and people didn’t speak about such things. If I’d said to Mum ‘there’s an angel behind you’ I would have been put into an institution! Also, many times, the angels told me the world wasn’t ready for all that I had to say about them. So I did as they asked and kept my experiences a secret from absolutely everyone for many, many years.

It must have been hard staying silent?

I wasn’t going to go against the angels’ wishes, so as the years passed I simply carried on with my life. I have dyslexia and learning difficulties, yet when I was a child the angels told me I was going to write books and they were going to be bestsellers. I couldn’t even read or write and I thought what the angels were telling me was crazy. It wasn’t until my first book, Angels in my Hair was published in 2008 that I shared my life story and told the world about my ability to see and speak to angels, and how they’re all around us.

Why did the angels finally give you permission to speak about your connection?

One day, around 1985, an angel visited me and introduced himself as Archangel Michael. ‘It’s now getting to the time for you to write,’ he said. I was a busy mum at the time and writing was the last thing I wanted to do. Plus, because of the dyslexia, I had trouble even writing my name down. I’d have to say each letter in my head and would often get it wrong. You might say,

‘Who could be annoyed at an angel?’

Well, I was annoyed! But the angels were right, I did go on to write bestselling spiritual books read by people all over the world. I believe they hadn’t wanted me to talk about my experiences until I was in my fifties so I would have the freedom to develop and grow spiritually.

After all those years of secrecy, how did you find coming out of the spiritual closet?

I felt as though the angels were putting me through a test to see what reaction I would get. I was scared of people ridiculing me and saying I was crazy for seeing angels. It did bother me when people criticised, but it doesn’t matter to me now. My heart goes out to those who ridicule – maybe one day they will find out what it’s all about for themselves.

Is it true that you see angels protecting everyone?

Yes – I have never seen anyone without a guardian angel. I see them with people of all religions and none, with people who are good and bad, with people who believe in angels and with those who don’t. I understand that for some people it’s hard to believe that there could be such a thing as an angel, or even that I can see angels. I can’t prove their existence, or that I see them. I wish I could. All I can do is tell you what I see and am told, and then leave it up to you. Your marriage to your late husband Joe was prophesied by angels, as well as his death in 2000. Tell us about that… When I was 10, Angel Elijah showed me a vision of Joe and told me I’d marry him. Seven years later he came into my father’s garage where I was working. We fell in love and married two years later. But Elijah had also told me that Joe would suffer from ill health – which he did throughout our marriage – and die at 47. It was very hard knowing what I knew. I never told Joe: why would you say that to a person and shatter them? I used to beg God to let him have a little longer, to keep his health as good as possible but, sadly, it wasn’t God’s will.

How have you managed your dyslexia so you can write your books?

I have a laptop with a microphone and ear pieces – I speak to the computer and it types out what I’m saying. My youngest daughter Megan, who is 21, edits my work and then sends it off to my publisher. My editor, Mark, then comes over and the three of us go through the book. Sometimes Megan will look at my copy and she’ll say, ‘Mum, do you know you said the last chapter backwards!’ She’ll then have to put the whole thing together for me. She’s brilliant and knows her mum so well. Growing up with dyslexia and learning difficulties was tough. At school, I was labelled a ‘retard’ and sent to the back of the classroom. However, my dyslexia really helped me to develop spiritually. I couldn’t read books so I communicated with the angels instead.

You have four children and four grandchildren. Do any of your family share your gifts?

None of my children or grandchildren can see the angels physically like I do. But they have their own connection and believe in them. We have a very close family. My two sons help me with my work, accompanying me on speaking tours and helping me with my charity. My daughter, Pearl, does my PR and helps me organise my schedule.

As part of your spiritual practice, what daily rituals do you do?

Prayer is the only ritual I do every day. Even as I am talking to you I am in prayer. I can never explain it, all I can say is my soul is in prayer. I am always telling people that prayer is powerful and we should do it more. You could be washing the dishes or sat at your desk and you can say a simple prayer. Pray for good things to happen, not just to you in your life but to those around you. I want to share my thoughts on the power of prayer, so I’m writing a modern prayer book.

Does your home reflect your spiritual beliefs?

Visitors usually say, ‘We thought your home would be covered in angels, but it’s not!’ I bless angel statues and give them to sick children and their siblings through my charity Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation. I might have 30 angels here one week, and 10 the next. The children who come to visit pick the statues themselves.

Your angel books have reached millions, do you think more people are turning to spirituality right now? Yes, I hate using these words, but we have war and terrorism, and people are reacting against this and coming together in love instead of hate. Many people are reaching out and helping others instead of getting revenge. People of the world have power and they are the ordinary people. True spirituality is the intertwining of the body and soul and living in peace. Many people flock to your talks and you bless them afterwards.

How do you do that?

I get massive queues of people and I bless everyone individually. I ask for each person to have healing in every way – physical, emotional, whatever they need. Lots of people ask me what words I say when I am doing the blessing. But the angels tell me I am not allowed to share that with anyone. I never know what is going to happen at one of my shows. I don’t prepare like some people do and I don’t have a script. I let the angels guide me. The angels tell me what people need to know.

Have you given blessings or healing to anyone famous?

I’ve been told I have, but I would get in trouble with the angels for telling you because I believe we are all the same. Celebrities are just like any other person in need of healing. Actors have come to my book signings – sneaking in, having a blessing and dashing off! I couldn’t tell you who they were because I am hopeless with names because of my dyslexia. I believe we are all special and I would never put one person above another. If one of your books was made into a movie, who would you cast? I would love it if one of my books was made into a movie, and then perhaps a TV series. But you know I am not good with names, so I couldn’t tell you who I’d like in it. What I will say is that anyone involved in a screen adaptation of one of my books would have to believe in angels. I have a feeling they would be affected by the movie, and incredible things would happen to them!

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