Hottest Yoga Poses

Hottest Yoga Poses

Think of the tasks you do not like doing and how you can make things fun. If you need to do the paper filing then think about adding some rewards into the task? Sort the paper into appropriate piles – get yourself a coffee. Do half of the filing into files; make that phone call to your spouse. Make a game of it and add in rewards and the task will fly by.

The other advantage of this of course is that you will be happy to repeat the task the next time around as your mind will associate it with a good memory tag with it.

Think about the happy strawberries every time you have a task to do and you can become a happy and strawberry too while boosting your working life at the

When I first saw this I thought that it was a bit of a provocative statement and to be Frank I did not like it too much. But then with a bit more study and thought, it occurred to me that this is pretty profound and a lesson (or two) for our Working Wow lives.

Firstly comparing yourself to other people is generally not a great idea, you are living your own life and on your own path not someone else’s life, that is entirely their business.

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