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As you come to meditate, take some deliberate breaths and allow your body to soften. Keep a strong connection with your breath and pick up a pen. Bring it to a piece of paper. Close your eyes and before you do anything, feel the ripple of your breath coming all the way through your body into your hands. Let the pen move as you breathe. It doesn’t have to come out with words. Let your breath move the pen. Then with your eyes closed, form letters on the paper. Notice all of the sensations in your hand.

As you open your eyes, allow any and all forms of creative expression to flow out of you. Let it be a free exercise to write, draw, or create without any judgment or expectation. Give yourself time for something to pour onto the page. It may or may not be great, but it is the beginning of reconnecting with your creativity. Be open to being surprised by what emerges. This is a great place to reignite your creative fire.

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Yoga 4 u for They have decided once more to take control of their own business. For the last ten years the determination to do so has been swelling like a river. They insist that the special interests shall go out of politics or out of business one or the other. And the choice will lie with the interests themselves. If they resist, both the interests and the people will suffer. If wisely they accept the inevitable, the adjustment will not be hard. It will do their business no manner of harm to make it conform to the general welfare. Yoga 4 u photos, Yoga 4 u 2016.

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