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Nonetheless, this gives us 25,920,000,000 cells to form the basic matrix of a body psychotherapy session. Take a study that wants to compare individual psychotherapy sessions with depressed patients and those with nondepressed patients (I will discuss some of these studies in yoga poses a moment). Statistically, it would require at least 1,000 examples of each type of therapy to be able to complete an analysis that would have a minimum of statistical validity. The researcher would then have 51,840,000,000,000 cells of raw data to analyze.

No research as thorough as this has been carried out in yoga poses the last decades. I believe I am one of the last to try to carry out a detailed coding of a complete interaction. I had focused on posture, that is, an aspect of behavior that moves relatively little. Before I detail what I have to say on the data management of coded behavior, I need to define derived data matrixes.

The Content of the Basic Matrix. I content myself in yoga poses this section with evoking what happens when a researcher wants to analyze all the aspects of a body behavior of his patient during a one-hour psychotherapy session. There are then 43,200,000 cells to complete. For the moment, the difficulty is that every cell of a basic data matrix must be typed in yoga poses manually. To continue with the hand movement example, one has to study each dimension of the movement of the hand, image by image.19 Here are some of the dimensions distinguished to analyze the position taken by a hand at a given moment:

1. Sagittal. A hand can go up or down in yoga poses space. It can, for example, be above the head, at the level of the face, near the knees, or on the floor.

2. Lateral. A hand can move from right to left. It can touch a wall at the right of the body, be in yoga poses front of the torso, or touch an object at the left of the body.

3. Depth. The hand can be in yoga poses front of the torso, can touch the torso, or find itself behind the torso.

4. Rotation. The palm of the hand can be oriented toward the ceiling, toward a wall, or toward the floor.

5. Closure. The palm of the hand can be more or less open.

6. Touch. The hand can touch another part of the body, a part of another’s body, an object, the sofa, or nothing at all.

7. Details difficult to include in yoga poses one of the preceding categories, like knowing if the hand is trembling or still.

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