Hot Yoga Helps Boost Fitness, Flexibility And Mobility

Love the heat? Hot yoga helps boost fitness, flexibility and mobility.


Hot yoga is back on our radar for summer. With outside temperatures heating up, the warm class has lots of benefits. According to experts, performing hot yoga in the summer helps the body to better adapt to temperature rises and sweat losses, so you won’t feel so uncomfortable stepping outside when the mercury’s rising. What’s more, the sweaty class helps you get into the habit of sipping water little and often.

Add the fact that hot yoga can boost mobility and flexibility and increase fitness levels, and you’re onto a winner. Want our top tip? Look out for Manduka’s new hot yoga collection: SOLite ( Featuring an ultra-light and breathable Mesh Halter Bra (£52), Mesh Crop Legging (£76) and Mesh Crop Top (£55), all with mesh panels in sweat spots, there’s everything you need to flow in comfort. Pair with the new Equa Hot Yoga Mat (£76), which comes in impressive prints, and you’re ready to go.

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‘You already know that running is good for your fitness levels, bolstering cardiovascular health, boosting VO2 max and improving bone density. But did you know a simple jog could work wonders for your brain? According to data from Brigham Young University in the US, running helps undo the negative effects long-term stress has on the brain’s memory bank: the hippocampus. The scientists explain that memories are made when neuron connections are strengthened over time (also known as long-term potentiation or LTP).

Chronic stress weakens the connections and decreases LTP. However, LTP levels remain the same when running while in a stressed state, suggesting the activity could prevent the weakening of connections. Hooray! But this isn’t the first time running has been found to improve memory. Read on to discover ways to run for brain health.

Go barefoot: Research from the University of North Florida in 2016 discovered that running sans shoes is better for the working memory than running with shoes. Apparently, barefoot runners have to think more carefully about where they tread, which uses the working memory. Run first: Got a tough test coming up? Austrian research in the Cognitive Systems Research journal found that running before a task, such as an exam, boosts information recall. The authors surmise that chemicals released by the body when running could improve memory retention.’


Festivals that focus on health and fitness are all the rage this summer. Here’s our pick… Salomon Trail Running Festival (June 2 and 23; The popular off-road running brand will be holding two festivals, in Edinburgh (June 2) and Surrey (June 23). Expect trail-running talks, timed races, yoga sessions, specialist advice, product testing and the chance to relax with live music and a drink. Running bliss. LoveFit (July 20-22; Returning to St Clere Estate in Kent, this music, fitness and healthy-food festival is in its second year. Look forward to great studios and personalities, including MTV Fit’s Charlotte Holmes, 1Rebel and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga. Soul Circus Yoga and Wellness Festival (August 17-19; Get a Zen fix with London gym Equinox, which brings you the best of HIIT, Pilates, yoga and barre. Enjoy workouts from celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla and plenty of dance fitness sessions.

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