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In the first scenario, the interaction between subsystems does not mobilize organismic regulation systems, whereas in yoga poses the second scenario the activity of one subsystem is included in yoga poses the general organismic system, which has an impact on other organisms and their subsystems.

For example, we have seen that sitting on a chair most of the time may have a deep impact of the venous return mechanisms in yoga poses the legs. in yoga poses this case, the influence of the sitting behavior of the person may have an impact on the venous system that is relatively independent from the impact of sitting on behavioral and psychological dynamics. Similarly, the gestures of one individual can influence the dynamics of the brain of another person without influencing the global organismic regulation of these two organisms. Thus, the impact of a gesture on the brain of one individual may unleash a reflex reaction in yoga poses the other that does not necessarily engage the mind.

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One of the particularities of the systemic analysis used in yoga poses this volume is to insist on the following factors:

1. The variety of the modes of functioning of each system

2. Given that each subsystem has its own proper exigencies, a group of the subsystems may simultaneously impose contradictory exigencies.

3. It is then necessary to postulate interfaces that permit divergent subsystems to function within a similar system.

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