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Hot yoga 26 poses Pics for ROOTSTOCK a globose, often large bulb, subterranean or partially exposed, the scales often relatively small, sometimes only loosely overlapping, the flesh sometimes pink or reddish. LEAVES one to several, often dry at flowering, linear to oblanceolate or terete, hairless or rarely hairy or the margins hairy, erect to prostrate, the sheaths sometimes persistent and forming a papery or fibrous, sometimes horizontally barred, sheath around the base of the scape. INFLORESDrimia CENCE a single- to many-flowered raceme, sometimes subcorymbose with shortened axis, rarely branched, often wiry, hairless or minutely roughly hairy in the lower part, the hairs often in longitudinal rows bracts usually small, membranous, at least the lower spurred. FLOWERS suberect, erect or nodding but erect in fruit, rarely the pedicel deflexed at the base and erect apically, usually star- or cup-shaped, the tepals erect, spreading or recurved to reflexed, more or less free or united below into a deep cup or short tube, white to yellowish green or brown, often with darker keels, short-lived, usually lasting less than a day, rarely days, unscented or rarely scented, perianth abscising below and twisting above, forming a cap over the developing capsule. STAMENS with filaments joined to the base of the tepals, linear-lanceolate to ovate or vestigial, ascending to erect and connivent around the style at anthesis or inflexed over the ovary the anthers dehiscing longitudinally or by apical pores or slits, sometimes shortly apiculate or barbed below. OVARY ovoid with several ovules per locule STYLE cylindrical, erect or slightly declinate, shorter than to about as long as the perianth, stigma three-grooved or slightly excavated. FRUIT an ovoid or ellipsoidal capsule, sometimes three-lobed or three-winged. Hot yoga 26 poses Pics photos, Hot yoga 26 poses Pics 2016.

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