Horse Stance

Horse Stance

Main benefit – Strengthens and grounds the legs into the earth.

1. Stand in the centre of your mat

2. Bring your legs wide apart (about 1 leg’s length apart)

3. Bring your hands into prayer position; relax the shoulders, arms are light.

4. Start to gently squat into your legs, keep the knees working back so you’re working the hips open.

5. Once you find a spot where you feel “switched on” and activated through the legs, hold it for some time.

6. Connect with your breath. Gently squeeze Mula Bundha (gentle squeeze of the anus muscle) and hold the posture.

7. Hold for at least 10 long steady breaths before slowly easing up and coming out of it.

8. Be sure to practice this a few times in each session. It’s a great practice to do if you feel too “heady”.

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