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Home yoga practice on 41 Brahmans like to present these constructs, what we would call myths, as histories, much as Swami Satyadharma does. There is, however, a way in which even tantric taboo-breaking supports the brahmanical system. Like the renunciant tradition as a whole, it deflects those who are discontented with brahmanical social arrangements into practices that are made intelligible and given direction by brahmanical metaphysics. So, you can be a dutiful member of society and relieve your oppression through participation in playful, erotic cults like those connected with the child Krsna, or you can sneak off periodically to engage in taboo rituals, or you can become a renunciant, live on next to nothing and spend your time constructing and immersing yourself in imagined realities. What you are not allowed to do is initiate political change. It is also worth noting that the brahmans were able to tame tantra itself to a considerable degree. Many tantric practices were sanitized, often by substituting symbols for the materials employed in the rituals and by redefining tantric terms. Home yoga practice 2016.

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