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Home practice on This is not found in the early Upanisads. Nor does it fit comfortably with the statements that follow about the circulation of these airs in various parts of the body. Moreover, we may note that whilst the two sets of ten might seem to go together they do not. No vital air circulates within the susumna and it is difficult to reconcile the model of channels spreading out from the kanda with the locations of the vital airs. For example, the samana pervades the whole body. Does it circulate along with other airs in the same nadi, going with prana to mouth, nose, heart, navel and big toes, with apana to anus, genitals, thighs and knees, with udana to all joints, legs and hands, with vyana to the ears, thighs, hips, ankles, shoulders and throat, etc. etc. Home practice 2016.

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