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Home diet on 75 Sankara was a great organizer as well as a prolific scholar. He is reputed to have divided India into four regions and established a monastery (matha) in each. In the south he is claimed to have established the Sringirimatha at Sringeri, in the west the Saradamatha at Dwaraka, in the north the Jyotrimatha at Badarinath and in the east the Govardhanamatha at Puri. The monks attached to these mathas are divided into ten groups, the dasanami sampradayas. The Sarasvati, Bharati and Puri sampradayas are attached to the Sringerimatha, the Tdrtha and Asrama sampradayas to the Saradamatha, the Giri, Parvat and Sagar sampradayas to Jyotrimatha and the Vanam and Aranyan sampradayas to the Govardhanamatha.76 At the head of each monastery, all of which are flourishing today, is a world-teacher (jagadguru) or Sankaracarya who has responsibility for the spiritual welfare of all the people within the region. This has helped to ensure that advaita teachings have remained influential in India down to modern times despite the sweeping success and tremendous influence of the bhakti traditions. Home diet 2016.

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