Hollywood ABS Workout

Hollywood ABS

A taut tummy can seem impossible but you can get that washboard stomach with the right workout.

THE EXPERT:Fitness expert Matt Roberts,39, launched his one-to-onetraining gym 13 years agoafter deciding that he was goingto run gyms when he was just 15years old. Now he is one of the mostrecognised fitness experts and has builta multifaceted business, encompassingtraining centres, books, DVDs, a supplement range and equipment lineMatt has become a favourite with London celebrities such as Samanthaand David Cameron, Naomi CampbellMel C and Amanda Holden, thanks tohis quick results. He likes to train hisclients outdoors, or at one of his fiveplush London locations.

WHERE: His luxurious, monochrome gyms based in London’s Mayfair, Hampstead, Chefsea, City and Belgravia (female only), all boast state-of-the-art strength andcardiovascular training equipmentconsultation rooms for gait analysisPilates, physiotherapy and sportsmassage. They are staffed by highlyqualified trainers, yoga teachers physiotherapists and nutritionists.

THE WORKOUT: Matt’S extensive knowledge and experience meanshe integrates a wide range of trainingdisciplines and methods to ensurethat his clients are challenged and motivated during every sessionEach programs starts with a run through of your lifestyle, diet and usual training routine before takingbody measurements. He then tailorsa bespoke programme that gets you leaner, stronger, more flexiblemore stable and agile.

COST: Two-week blitz (10 sessionsin two weeks) is £650 or a courseof 25 sessions with a senior trainercosts £1,950.

CONTACT: mattroberts.co.uk

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To help you gel Hollywood abs, this circuit designed by Matt and one of his senior trainers, HolliePinnington, focuses on the deep core muscles which will nip you inat the waist and help suck everything in. The cardio moves will also burn calories and ramp up your metabolism,to help burn any fat covering your stomach and allow your muscles to show through.

1) Plank

TIME: 30 seconds

O Starting at the top of a push-up position, bend your elbows and lower yourself down until you can shift your weight from your hands to your forearms – your body should form a straight line, see right.

O Brace your abs (imagine someone about to punch you in the stomach),squeeze your glutes and hold.

Hollywood ABS Workout

2) Leg lowers

REPS: 12

O Lie on your back on an exercise mat.

O Lift your legs off the floor and bend them so there is a 90° angle at your hips and your knees – imagine you are sitting on a chair but lying down (a).

O Keeping your lower back on the floor, stretch out your left leg and lower it without letting it touch the ground (b). Repeat on the other leg.

Hollywood ABS Workout

3) Russian Twists

REPS: 12

O Sit on a mat with your knees bent

O Lean back slightly, without rounding your spine, and raise your legs off the floor, placing your arms straight out front of you, palms together.

O Pull your navel in towards your spine and twist slowly to the left (a). Keep movement small and rotate from the ribs – don’t let your arms swing. Inhale as you go back through centre, and rotate to the right (b)

Hollywood ABS Workout

4) Cardio interval

TIME: 1 minute

O Choose between mountain climbers, star jumps (pictured, below), skipping or rowing.

Hollywood ABS Workout

5) Abdominal curls

REPS: 20

O Lie on your back with knees bent and feet in the air.

O Place your hands next to your ears, not behind your head (a), and slowly curl upwards towards your knees so your shoulders are off the floor but your lower back is on the floor, keeping your chin off your chest (b).

O Slowly lower down to the floor,

OIf this is too difficult, begin with your feet on the floor, not in the air.

Hollywood ABS Workout

6) Gym ball roll-outs

REPS: 12

O Kneel and place your hands on top of a gym ball in front of you, arms extended and back straight (a)

O Keeping your back and arms extended, roll on top of the ball until your upper arms are pressed againstit (b). Pull yourself back up after a short pause.

O Keep your arms extended and your back straight throughout.

Hollywood ABS Workout

7) Cardio interval

TIME: 1 minute

O Choose between mountain climbers (pictured, below), star jumps, skipping or rowing.

Hollywood ABS Workout

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