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Hips yoga on On the other hand, the eight limbs section cannot, as Frauwallner would have it, constitute the kernel of chapters 2 and 3. In terms of 2.2, the account of the hindrances is just as central and integral to these chapters as is that dealing with the eight limbs. Dasgupta does not accept Frauwallner s division of the text as he regards books 1 to 3 as forming a coherent unit, with book 4 as a later addition. His argument in support of his view goes something like this: at the end of many philosophical and religious works in Sanskrit we find the word iti, meaning thus. It functions in much the same way as the end or finis in European writings. Because of this convention, when we find the word iti at the end of the third book of the Yoga Sutras we would expect the work to come to an end. Hips yoga 2016.

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